Features · Skylar Cleland

Album Review: We The Kings – ‘Six’

We The Kings is back and better than ever with their new album, Six. Available via S-Curve Records as of July 6, the album is a tribute to fans and pays homage to the relationship the band has formed with them over the past decade. This album was for the fans and funded by the… Continue reading Album Review: We The Kings – ‘Six’

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Album Review: Trash Boat – ‘Crown Shyness’

St. Albans, England natives Trash Boat return with their latest effort Crown Shyness, due for release on July 20th, 2018 via Hopeless Records. Taking the scene by storm alongside fellow countrymen Boston Manor, Trash Boat exhibit further musical growth and have definitely avoided the dreaded sophomore slump on Crown Shyness. A driving sound that is… Continue reading Album Review: Trash Boat – ‘Crown Shyness’

Features · Maggie Schneider

Album Review: Oh, Weatherly – ‘Lips Like Oxygen’

It’s always refreshing to find new music that is catchy, personal, and undeniably relatable. Artists and bands that are telling original, captivating stories are harder to come by these days. Texas-based band Oh, Weatherly is doing everything right, and could very well be pop-punk’s breakout band of the year. They’re creating music that is timeless,… Continue reading Album Review: Oh, Weatherly – ‘Lips Like Oxygen’


Album Review: Stringer – ‘My Bad’

A 13-song album releases on Friday the 13th. Count me in. Stringer, the four-piece New York City outfit, released their debut full-length album My Bad July 13 via Wiretap Records. The album boasts an eclectic 13 songs that are relatable, colorful, and intriguing. During my initial spin of the album, “Abergain” was a track that… Continue reading Album Review: Stringer – ‘My Bad’