Releasing just in time to make it onto your top albums of the year, Our Mirage will be dropping their third full-length album, Eclipse, on November 25, 2022, via Arising Empire.

It’s no question I enjoy post-hardcore music. While listening to Eclipse, I felt not only powerful lyrics but also vocals and instrumentation. Each song has its own special approach, boasting diverse sonic elements throughout the effort.

My favorite track from the album, “Learn To Be Alone,” discusses how you have to be okay with being alone in order to truly feel love when you find it. I struggled for many years prior to meeting my husband with learning to love myself and not be in constant relationships trying to fill a void. This track stood out to me the most due to my life experience relating to the lyrics. On top of that, it’s a strong balance between vocals and rhythm.

Overall, I say with confidence that Eclipse doesn’t have a song I would skip. Each has its own unique place on the album, creating a smooth transition between tracks. We all know music is a vast land of people’s own opinions, and I strongly suggest checking out Eclipse when it releases. Our Mirage have two other full-length albums available in their discography — I enjoyed Eclipse and will be checking out the band’s other material, as well. If you’re in the neck of the woods, check out their Spring 2023 tour.

Our Mirage have already dropped two out of three music videos in their trilogy release saga. Out of the two, “Black Hole” stands out to me most. The video alone is beautiful and the heart-hitting lyrics add a theatric value. Although, “Help Me Out!” is just as captivating.

Which song do you think will be Trilogy Chapter 3 – the final music video release for this promo? The track listing is below, and I would love to hear your thoughts!

  1. “Awakening”
  2. “Black Hole”
  3. “Through The Night”
  4. “Suffocating”
  5. “Learn To Be Alone”
  6. “Myself”
  7. “Calling You”
  8. “Vicious Cycle”
  9. “Help Me Out!”
  10. “Remedy”
  11. “Eclipse”
  12. “Summertown (ft. Breakdown Bros)”

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