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Album Review: Red Sun Rising

This week, I had the opportunity to check out Thread, the new album from The Ohio-based hard-rock/post-grunge band Red Sin Rising. I was stoked to hear this album, as I was a big fan of the band’s 2015 debut — Polyester Zeal. After a solid debut that included anthems with epic hooks like “The Otherside”,… Continue reading Album Review: Red Sun Rising

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Album Review: Prospective – ‘Unreal’

My favorite thing about metal is that it is so diverse.  Over the past few weeks I have had a great opportunity to get some early releases from some great emerging bands that have all been really heavy but with totally unique sounds.  From partycore to western progressive, it has been a cool few weeks… Continue reading Album Review: Prospective – ‘Unreal’

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Album Review: Greystone Canyon – ‘While the Wheels Still Turn’

This Friday, March 9th, marks the release of While the Wheels Still Turn, the debut album from Greystone Canyon.  For their first album, the Australian rockers wanted to bring to the table an album that reflects their love for Western movies and culture, as well as to pay homage to their influences that are deeply… Continue reading Album Review: Greystone Canyon – ‘While the Wheels Still Turn’

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Exclusive interview with Reach the Shore

Hikaya is the latest EP from Belgian meatalcore band Reach the Shore.  Though the album hit stores March 19, 2017, the band is seeing a renewed sense of success with their recent single from the record “Saddhu”.  After hearing the single, I was drawn to learn more about the band and take a deeper look into… Continue reading Exclusive interview with Reach the Shore

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Album Review: We Have the Moon — Till the Morning Comes

What exactly is partycore?  It’s a genre that is being thrown around more and more and no one seems to have any insight as to what it means.  To be honest, it’s not something I think I have understood in the past.  We Have the Moon changed that for me.  Their brand of partycore is… Continue reading Album Review: We Have the Moon — Till the Morning Comes

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Album Review and Q&A: Voices — Resurgence

If Metal Thoughts has a New Years Resolution, it would be to spend time discovering new artists that are changing metal. Bands like Of Mice and Men and Nothing More are doing awesome stuff and are moving their way into the spotlight.  But there is something to be said for the unsigned artists — the… Continue reading Album Review and Q&A: Voices — Resurgence

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Album Review: Machine Head — Catharsis

Machine.Fucking.Head. I almost thought about leaving it at that, because those three words should be enough to get anyone excited about Catharsis.  Machine Head is no stranger to the metal scene- Catharsis is the bands’ ninth studio album.  With that type of pedigree, you can imagine that every time Machine Head releases an album, the metal… Continue reading Album Review: Machine Head — Catharsis