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Album Review: We Have the Moon — Till the Morning Comes

What exactly is partycore?  It’s a genre that is being thrown around more and more and no one seems to have any insight as to what it means.  To be honest, it’s not something I think I have understood in the past.  We Have the Moon changed that for me.  Their brand of partycore is… Continue reading Album Review: We Have the Moon — Till the Morning Comes

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Album Review and Q&A: Voices — Resurgence

If Metal Thoughts has a New Years Resolution, it would be to spend time discovering new artists that are changing metal. Bands like Of Mice and Men and Nothing More are doing awesome stuff and are moving their way into the spotlight.  But there is something to be said for the unsigned artists — the… Continue reading Album Review and Q&A: Voices — Resurgence

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Album Review: Machine Head — Catharsis

Machine.Fucking.Head. I almost thought about leaving it at that, because those three words should be enough to get anyone excited about Catharsis.  Machine Head is no stranger to the metal scene- Catharsis is the bands’ ninth studio album.  With that type of pedigree, you can imagine that every time Machine Head releases an album, the metal… Continue reading Album Review: Machine Head — Catharsis

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Weesp “Illumination” music video and upcoming album

At the end of 2017, metal-rock band Weesp dropped a music video for their latest single, “Illumination”. This release was their first since 2015. This track is the first single off their upcoming album Black Sails, expecting to release early 2018. According to the band in a press released we received “we start our journey under the… Continue reading Weesp “Illumination” music video and upcoming album

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Album Review: Black Veil Brides — Vale

Black Veil Brides is one of those bands that drive (metal) fans crazy.  The band has had some mainstream success, they utilize a high level of glam and showmanship, and they use mainly clean vocals.  Andy Biersack has an incredible voice and a lot of their songs are catchy and sing-songy.  They are far too… Continue reading Album Review: Black Veil Brides — Vale

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Album Review: Avatar — Avatar Country

Avatar Country is one of the most unique albums I have heard in quite some time.  The Swedish metal band has been known for their heavy sound and unique style.  Lead singer Johannes Eckerstrom has a very unique voice that makes Avatar easily recognizable, but their overall style sets itself apart.  The band is incredibly… Continue reading Album Review: Avatar — Avatar Country

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Album Review: Of Mice & Men — Defy

Over the past several years, Of Mice & Men has become one of my favorite bands.  With their new album, Defy, set to release this Friday, January 19th, I was fortunate enough to get a listen to the full album before it hits the shelves.  Like many, I was very saddened to hear that founding member… Continue reading Album Review: Of Mice & Men — Defy