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Photo Spotlight: Coast Modern

Coast Modern played their first ever show in Pittsburgh, PA on March 30. It was definitely worth the wait because they put on such a party! Reeve Powers & the Millennials and Late Night Episode opened for them. Reeve Powers & the Millennials  Reeve Powers & the Millennials opened the night up with their fantastic… Continue reading Photo Spotlight: Coast Modern

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Album Review: Charmer – ‘Charmer’

Emo, pop-punk band Charmer is releasing their self-titled album, via No Sleep Records, on Friday and I had the privilege of listening to it early. I was previously unfamiliar with Charmer’s music, but after listening to this album they may become part of my everyday playlists. The songs on Charmer aren’t really heavy at all, but… Continue reading Album Review: Charmer – ‘Charmer’

Features · Skylar Cleland

Photo Spotlight: Jule Vera

On March 29th I travelled to Nashville to see Jule Vera open for Don Broco, I The Mighty, and Our Last Night. I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph Jule Vera’s set but had to shoot from the crowd, which is something I’ve never really had to do before. Challenge accepted. Jule Vera came… Continue reading Photo Spotlight: Jule Vera

Features · Skylar Cleland

Review: Made in America Tour Journals and exclusive interview

Sleep On It is one of the fastest up-and-coming bands in the music scene right now. If you’ve been to a Sleep On It show or bought merch from them, you’ve undoubtedly met or seen Alex Fucking Smith. I had the pleasure of reading the Made In America Tour Journals AFS wrote for the most… Continue reading Review: Made in America Tour Journals and exclusive interview

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New Music Friday: April 6, 2018

The light is at the end of the tunnel — the weekend is upon us and the best day of the week is here. Every Friday we present our favorite bands/artists and their new music. The community thrives when people share their love for a band and support the efforts that go into creating and… Continue reading New Music Friday: April 6, 2018

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Album Review: Underoath – ‘Erase Me’

From the first notes of Erase Me due for release on April 6th, 2018 via Fearless Records, it is clear that Underoath is back, and back with a purpose.  Throughout the record Underoath have done things their way, both musically and lyrically without giving in to the unrealistic expectations of anyone who isn’t them, or… Continue reading Album Review: Underoath – ‘Erase Me’

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Album Review: The Aces – ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’

I love seeing girls in rock bands. Perhaps what I love more than seeing a frontwoman or a female bassist onstage is the idea of a band totally composed of rad ladies. Bands like The Go-Go’s and The Bangles made music history, paving the way for young women to express themselves much more powerfully than… Continue reading Album Review: The Aces – ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’