Chelsea Grin have been a deathcore scene staple since they hit the ground running in 2008 with their first singles blowing up on Myspace. Since then, the band has rocked countless stages including multiple American and European tours. After the release of their 2018 album Eternal Nightmare, Chelsea Grin took a break, only dropping a few singles from then until now. Behind the scenes they got to work on the forthcoming double album Suffer In Hell and Suffer In Heaven to be released on November 11, 2022, of this year and March 17, 2023, respectively, via ONErpm.

“Origin of Sin,” one of three pre-released singles off the album, sets the tone for what’s to come with tolling bells and the ominous ticking of clocks. It has a hellish perspective of authority, disrespecting the mainstream listener’s ears, and telling the wise to question the true source of their suffering. With each song you’re transported to another level of hell, from the sounds of a wicked carnival procession in “Foreverbloom” to the hollow echoes of a desolate body of water in “Floodlungs.”

The mixing throughout this whole album is absolutely impeccable.  Every song begins with a deliciously dramatic intro featuring brain scratching spatial distortion and vivid auditory imagery. When compared to their earlier albums you can hear a great improvement in the overall  production value. You can not only hear but feel the intent put behind each echo, breakdown and guitar riff, all working together to create the perfect soundscape of a twisted nightmare.

Overall, Suffer In Hell is a rush of adrenaline all the way through, giving the edge you require for whatever you need it for. I really enjoyed listening to this album as I worked out this past week — it was the perfect amount of rage I needed to get through some new circuits. This album leaves me excited to see what’s in store from Chelsea Grin in the spring on the companion album, Suffer In Heaven.

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Cat Markee

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