Unlike most bands who are just beginning, L.S. Dunes has a running start. The quintet possess something approximating 100 years of experience in the music industry combined. 

Consisting of Tim Payne (bass) and Tucker Rule (drums) of Thursday, Travis Stever (guitar) of Coheed and Cambria, Frank Iero (guitar) of My Chemical Romance and Anthony Green (vocals) of Circa Survive, L.S. Dunes is set to release their debut LP Past Lives which drops on November 11th, 2022 via Fantasy Records.

The musical prowess of each member blends together seamlessly into something beautiful on Past Lives.  The fact that the members spent decades in bands that defined the youth of a generation is abundantly clear on tracks such as “Like Forever,” “It Takes Time,” and pre-release single “Permanent Rebellion.”  Having formed as recently as 2020 upon the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, L.S. Dunes have utilized their time in quarantine well to create the sonic masterpiece that is Past Lives.  Across 11 tracks, the supergroup wears their hearts on their sleeves without apology while bringing hope to all those who do not fit mainstream expectations.

Produced by the extraordinary Will Yip (Movements, The Starting Line), Past Lives bursts forth with an energy that makes it one of the best releases of 2022.  Able to tour again, L.S. Dunes hit the road for a North American tour the day after the release of Past Lives before heading to the UK for a string of shows in January 2023.

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