Following 2019’s Sleeptalk, Southern California’s Dayseeker seemed to be gaining traction and to have found their direction. One would think that they would fall into the same groove and create something similar in sound. However, with their fifth studio album, Dark Sun, Dayseeker have stepped outside their comfort zone to a new evolution in sound by combining their strengths and taking risks, taking listeners on a journey with a blend of various genres including hard rock and post pop to create a metallic catharsis.

Picking up right where they left off, Dayseeker waste no time reminding you just how good they are when they’re in a musical sanctuary. “Neon Grave” is the perfect embodiment of a traditional Dayseeker song, containing hard-hitting lyrics with a melodic chorus and a fun breakdown that allows vocalist Rory Rodriguez to show off his mesmerizing vocals.

As the album progresses the band begins to show off the newly evolved sound with “Midnight Eternal” and “Dark Sun.” The former serves as an intro for “Dark Sun” creating a dreamlike atmosphere as Rodiguez serenades listeners with various pop elements playing in the background. Leading into the title track, Dayseeker really shine as they begin to take their sound to the next level. Everything in the song hits its mark — from catchy lyrics to timely instrumental drops, the song is produced to perfection.

The most prominent element that separates Dayseeker from everyone else is the raw and powerful emotion that emanates through their music. “Parallel” talks of what happens when you lose someone close. Listeners can feel Rodriguez’s emotion as he talks about losing his father.  Closing out the album is “Afterglow (Hazel’s Song),” which is about Rodriguez’s daughter. To follow up a song like “Parallel” sends the message that when one door closes, take the memories with you and bring them into the ones you make with the people who are with you now. With Dark Sun as the vessel, Dayseeker prove that heavy music does not have to be screams and breakdowns; instead, delivering impactful lyrics and strong tempo can provide a similar effect for listeners.

Through diverse atmospheric construction, the merging of sundry genres and crafty lyricism Dayseeker have evolved while creating a beautiful experience to capture listeners from start to finish. Catch Dayseeker on tour this winter with Bad Omens. Pick up and listen to Dark Sun out Friday November 4, 2022, via Spinefarm Records.

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Alex Cavezza

Twitter: @a_ztranger

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