Are you looking for your new favorite instrumental rock band but not sure where to start? Polyphia is here and ready to introduce you to their genre-blending album Remember That You Will Die being released on October 28,2022. 

This album is one of the most diverse I have listened to, and Polyphia pulled it off with ease bouncing between genres with each track.  Each song is unique in its sub-genre type and yet, they flow together beautifully when having this album play front to back on repeat. Every song on the record is ear-catching in its own way, and I find myself more often than not getting lost in the mix of brilliant and fleeting instrumentals. 

What has been a pleasant surprise is there being five guest vocalists throughout the effort, along with other musical guests. Some of my personal favorites include Brasstracks, Anomalie, Sophia Black, and Chino Moreno. First being Brasstracks on the opening track “Genesis” and the trumpets being included curtesy of this group. I love how flawlessly the trumpets flow with the bouncy rhythms from the guitar work on this song. 

Anomalie joins Polyphia in “The Audacity,” adding dreamy and fast-paced electronic tones throughout the song. Its toe-tapping and jazzy vibe is sure to help you feel the fervent rhythm through your bones and simultaneously put your mind in an oddly-peaceful state.  It sure has ‘the audacity’ to be an anomaly in this album (wink-wink). 

“ABC” is one of my top songs off the record with Sophia Black as the guest vocalist. It very much expresses hyper pop and bubblegum pop inspirations with Black’s unique blend of English and Japanese lyrics throughout, along with Polyphia’s identifiable complex guitar work. This song shows me how Polyphia is not afraid to explore genre’s completely opposite of what they are known for, and was such a fun change of pace while still blending beautifully with the rest of the album.

Towards to end of the album, the metal sub genre is given a spotlight with “Bloodbath,” featuring Chino Moreno’s ghostly vocals and dark lyrics. The guitar work bouncing between gentle, to jagged, and lastly to heavy are timed perfectly with Moreno’s moody lyrics, emphasizing the emotions this song carries. Towards the end of the song, the bass and drums become progressively more intense with the heavy guitar work, eliciting emotions from the beginning of the song to feel even stronger.

One cannot deny the personality of Polyphia that shines brightly on this masterpiece of an album. Remember When You Will Die is a venturesome and multi-spirited album that is a must-listen. You’re bound to find a favorite on an album like this that has no main genre themed throughout. Maybe you’ll find some new sounds you like or stick to your typical preference, but you should listen and find out yourself. Remember When You Die drops on October 28th via Rise Records — give it a full listen! 

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Ally DeMotte

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