In our everyday life growth is something that should be strived for. Embracing change and trying new things, regardless of whether they’re a success or lead to failure, provide lessons to be learned from just by trying. New Jersey’s Can’t Swim are the perfect example of how those successes and failures can come together to create something magical with their third studio album via Pure Noise Records, Change of Plans.

Since the release of their sophomore album, This Too Won’t Pass, the members of Can’t Swim have never stopped working, releasing two EPs the following year with each possessing different sounds and styles. Foreign Language Introduced a heavier Metalcore sound for the band, whereas Someone Who Isn’t Me (S.W.I.M.) brought visceral lyrics with elements of EDM.  Change of Plans takes everything the band has learned from these releases and brings it all together in culmination with the same unique Can’t Swim sound to create a vibrant experience that changes with each song.

Holding nothing back, Can’t Swim unleash their entire repertoire onto Change of plans. While still maintaining that unique Can’t Swim sound, the band dives into different elements and slowly progresses to each different phase of the their six-year career as the album moves forward. Hard-hitting tracks like “Set the Room Ablaze” feat. Caleb Shomo and “Better Luck Next Time” bring the energy and fun lines for fans to sing along to in a live environment. Energy isn’t the only thing the band brings to the table as songs “10 Years Too Late” and “careless.anxious.neurotic.tired” create a sense of relatability as these songs tackle themes of moving forward and starting over amongst the different challenges life can throw your way. From start to finish, Change of Plans takes you on a journey about self-love and how life can be unpredictable but you have to power through and handle the changes as they come.

Overall, Change of Plans feels like a collection of all the best songs Can’t Swim has written over the past two years and was saved for this occasion. For long-term fans, this is definitely something to look forward to and for those who are new to Can’t Swim, this is the perfect introduction and a great way to hear what the band is all about. Catch Can’t Swim on tour as they open for Silverstein and special guests The Plot in You this winter. Listen to Change of Plans out on October 22 via Pure Noise Records.

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Alex Cavezza

Twitter: @a_ztranger

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