Every setting needs a soundtrack to set the mood and tell the stories of the world going on around it. Sometimes it can be sad, other times it can allow for voices to be heard that other times wouldn’t be.

Every Time I Die have captured the essence of the world around them, and after a short six-year break the band is back with their ninth studio album Radical, and this time they’re not pulling any punches. The buffalo-based hardcore band continues with their unique style of blending visceral lyrics with heavy riffs to create a chaotic sound to encapsulate the chaotic environment that the world has been subject to.

Blending infectious punk rock lyrics with electric hardcore riffs, Every Time I Die discusses themes relevant to the world around them. Radical is a hopeful and uplifting record with a realistic approach that takes the time to discuss things that need to be addressed. From songs like “Planet Shit” discussing how systems all over the world benefit only a certain few while silencing others. “Desperate Pleasures” discusses how life is too short to worry and you need to just get out there a do whatever it is you enjoy. Blending all these different topics and more, Every Time I Die creates a powerfully energetic and fun album that grasps listeners’ attention right from the first note.

Amidst the chaos and fun, Radical is peak Every Time I Die blended to perfection. All the restraints are off and the band certainly outdoes themselves. Radical is not only an album that will bring the heat with each listen but lends itself to a powerful and fun live environment. Catch these songs and more live as Every Time I Die take to the road with Underoath and Spiritbox in early 2022. Check out Radical as it releases October 22, 2021 via Epitaph Records.

Check out the new album from Every Time I Die + more!

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