Young bands are the lifeblood of every music scene. The desire to break out and cultivate the following leads bands to be innovative and push the envelope of the genre they find themselves in. Enter Dying Wish, a young and blistering hardcore band from Portland, Oregon looking to continually drive their music scene forward with themes of equality, dignity and self-determination in their debut album Fragments of a Bitter Memory, due for release on October 1, 2021 via Sharptone Records.

Establishing themselves in only 2018, Dying Wish use their fast-paced, sadistic symphonies, hardcore riffs infused with tones of both death metal guitar leads and metalcore-like breakdowns to create a high-octane album. From the very first track, Fragments of a Bitter Memory makes the listener want to move and continues to add to it throughout the effort, as it’s full of diverse surprises. Just as you get used to the rapid and vicious tendency of the album, vocalist Emma Boster switches it up by adding a layer of clean vocals. The clean vocals appear on tracks like “When Mourning Comes” and “Drowning The Silent Black,” and while they only appear for one or two lines, they establish importance for those lyrics and allow a unique way for the listener to key into what Boster is singing.

The other major surprise of the album is “Enemies in Red” featuring Knocked Loose frontman Bryan Garris who is returning the favor after Emma Boster was featured on the Knocked Loose song, “A Serpent’s Touch.” The hard-hitting track perfectly encapsulates what the album is all about, as both vocalists deliver a grueling and nasty performance that is truly unique to them both.

Dying Wish have created a joyfully violent album that can be used as inspiration and a rallying cry for justice. Fragments of a Bitter Memory goes over themes such as what it means to come back from a loss, tackling issues of mental health and police brutality. The hard-hitting and brutal debut album is sure to be one that is remembered.

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