Need a new bouncy, summery-sounding indie rock band to start off summer? Then you need to check out Mint Green and their debut album All Girls Go To Heaven, due for release June 3, 2022 via Pure Noise Records.

All Girls Go To Heaven is the type of album that I imagine myself listening to while sitting under a shady tree on a hot summer’s day, enjoying the trance-like haze that the songs put me in as I move through the record. Many of the songs have these playful and fun verses that lead into darker choruses that are shrouded with a sense of gloom. The best word to describe the feelings of this album would be melancholy. I heard a quote once before that once said, “Melancholy is the happiness of being sad,” and that rings true with All Girls Go To Heaven.  We should normalize expressing these melancholy feelings, after all, it is a part of being human. It makes us wiser and helps keep us aware and present, which was nice to feel during my listen. 

This album truly showcases the band’s individual talents in the best way, making the record feel like you are sitting in a daydream. Ronnica has a euphonious voice that is such a joy to hear. Brandon with his bubbly guitar playing throughout the album makes you feel immersed in each song. Daniel gives the record these lively rhythms on the drums that get your heart racing and blood pumping. Tiffany provides the bouncy and jumpy bass lines that are as crystal clear as the air around them, making you want to dance. All four of their talents blend perfectly into the divine album that is All Girls Go To Heaven

Mint Green truly knows how to enrapture their listeners with this exquisite debut album. It will have you vibing through the beautiful, melancholic experience that we all go through in our lifetimes. Get your ears and emotions ready for the release of All Girls Go To Heaven on June 3rd!

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TAGS: Mint Green | Pure Noise Records

Ally DeMotte

Twitter: @ally__fey

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