Some music is created from a spark in a moment, or a fleeting thought that you almost forgot to write down. On the other side of that coin, you have some music that is created with full purpose, equipped with a message for the audience. Valleyheart has delivered an excellent take on purposeful introspection of relationships that are external as well as internal. Heal My Head is an invitation to take a moment for yourself, and to spend your time with it wisely. After all, it really is only a miracle that we’re here in the first place, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The record opens with “Birth,” which I can only describe as a gentle introduction into a thoughtful journey. The track invites you to take all the time that you want, which is exactly what the band would like their listeners to do with this record. The song “The Numbers” follows up and is about trying to be more present in a world that feels like it’s run by statistics. It’s a catchy, raw song that gives massive anthemic choruses that feel reminiscent of Jack’s Mannequin and Death Cab for Cutie.

The Cutie influence flows over into the next song, “Miracle,” the third pre-released single off the record. From the beginning, the drums and bass create an addictive, head bobbing rhythm paired with lyrical content that sums up an obvious yet surreal thought – that it’s a miracle we’re still here. The world could end at any moment from whatever cataclysmic event you could name, but it hasn’t. That being said, our time is much better spent not worrying about small, trivial everyday ordeals.

“Heal My Head” is the title track and a song that encapsulates the record with its message. I believe this album is for people to spend time with themselves inside their heads for a moment, no matter how provoking it can be, and to do something about it. Introspection is the overall arching theme for this effort, and this song is a steadfast reminder.

My personal favorite track on this record is “Back & Forth,” coming in the later half of the track list. Something about the song is so haunting in a beautiful way. The chorus asks, “Why do I keep these weird desires / pulling my conscience back and forth,” which I find to be such an interesting way to question an obscure, yet relatable feeling. The melody seeps its way into my brain and I find myself humming it in my downtime. The songs lends itself to be a powerful example of Valleyheart’s immersive style of lyricism and has the possibility to tug on any and all heartstrings.

The album finds itself coming to a close with “The Days.” This is one hell of a slow burn of a song that rewards the listener tenfold. The track starts in a small, vulnerable state that reels into an explosive, emotional rollercoaster that puts into music the sensation of feeling everything all at once. The passionate, emotion-soaked ballad rides out the record the same way as when we first came in as listeners. A gentle melody carries us out only to be accompanied by the live sounds of someone sighing in relief, then leaving the piano bench, closing out and signing off on the end of a moment spent in introspection.

Take all the time that you want with this record — Valleyheart will be here ready to reciprocate the hope and inspiration it offers. Heal My Head is out June 3, 2022 via Tooth & Nail Records.

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