A Will Away deliver the ultimate rock album on Friday February 18, 2022. Releasing via Rude RecordsStew is the third full length album from the east coast outfit. Rife with nostalgic vibes of classic rock, Stew is at times delicate and intimate and other times aggressively robust. 

The album begins with “The Rock,” a perky metaphorical bop with a plucky tambourine throughout the chorus. The track prepares the listener for the easter eggs, or breadcrumbs the band tosses into Stew, challenging the listener to define the rock in their shoe and introspectively relate to that which we know is true but perhaps ignore until we can deal with it. 

“Karma” carves out an anchor position on the album with shredding guitars and choral verses, coming in as the second track and shining throwback to the height of classic rock. When I heard the song the first time all I could think was damn, those are some gnarly guitar riffs. 

Uniquely titled “Spittin’ Chiclets” is poetic, initially percolating before hitting the climax with synth, electric guitars and a truly spooky lyrical closing: “Captivated by a distant siren / Hеy dog could you hide the bone / Hеar them climbing up the outside staircase / We’ll act like there’s no one home.” 

Blending alternative, pop and traditional rock, Stew crosses genre barriers to bring listeners a blend of poignant lyricism, remarkable instrumentals and composition. “Re-up” delivers a vibrant, glowing pop rock sound while “Montezuma Blue” and the aforementioned “Spittin’ Chiclets” showcase the alternative rock side of the effort. A Will Away reminds me of ten other bands and also no other band I know. Sculpting their sound with each release, Stew stands as an example of a unique sound that need not be bound by a definitive genre-specific label and showcases incredibly talented musicians.

Out everywhere February 18th, be sure to check out Stew on Spotify, Apple Music or purchase their gorgeous 12” Red and Yellow Marbled Vinyl.

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Jessi McKee

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