Ever thought about what classic pop punk song represents your zodiac sign?


Well, me neither but I am currently sick with the ‘rona and now you’re here experiencing this fever dream of a listicle with me. So, buckle up, buttercup.

Aries: “Sugar, We’re Going Down”

Is this more than you’ve bargained for yet? …I hope not, because I just started and there’s 11 more to go.

Taurus: “My friends Over You”

Had to have an easycore grind on the list, and of course it goes out to the Tauruses, you’re welcome.

Gemini: “Sk8r Boi”

Geminis always bring the party with them.

Cancer: “Dear Maria, Count Me In”

Apparently, this is a song enjoyed by former* emo kids and anime fans, alike…or is that venn diagram just a circle? 🤔

*jk it wasn’t a phase, mom.

Leo: “Stacy’s Mom”

You likely never know what is going to come out of your Leo friend’s mouth, especially when it comes to Stacy’s mom, so.

Virgo: “The Middle”

Fun to dance around with but also a lil bit of emotional support when you need it most, just like a Pisces.

Libra: “All The Small Things”

People jam to this song the same way they greet Your Local Libra when they show up to the party.

Scorpio: “Misery Business”

Never interfere with a Scorpio in love, you might end up as the antagonist in the next pop punk anthem.

Sagittarius: “In Too Deep”

Every Sagittarius I know match the vibes in this video 10 for 10.

Capricorn: “Ocean Avenue”

For all my romantic, daydreaming Capricorns.

Aquarius: “Welcome to the Black Parade”

Don’t even lie, a little part of you wants to reach for the eyeliner when you hear that g note.

Pisces: “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”

And finally, for the always sympathetic Pisces, we have that one song about shutting the goddamn door or whatever Brendon says.

There we have it, folks.

You’ve made it through my fluff piece.

What did you think? Pretty much perfect, amirite?

I will be taking all compliments and kudos over on the bird app, please and thank you. Drop me a follow and let me know what bands you want to see on my next unnecessary list. 🙂

Tyra Brunz

Email: tyra.spinningthoughts@outlook.com
Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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