Light the Torch are back with an impressive sophomore album, You Will Be the Death of Me, out Friday June 25, 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records.  

Light The Torch – ‘You Will Be the Death of Me’ album cover

Light the Torch (originally called The Devil You Know) is a supergroup featuring former Killswitch Engage vocalist, and one of the most recognizable and incredible voices in metal, Howard Jones.  The other key members of the three piece are guitarist Fran Artusato (All Shall Perish) and Alex Rudinger (Bleeding Through).  The band’s 2018 debut, Revival, was an amazing record and set the bar high for the trio.  You Will Be The Death of Me does not disappoint — it’s heavy, unique, and features lights out performances from every member of the band.

“More Than Dreaming” gets the album started off with a fury of drums.  Out of the chaos comes a searing guitar riff that sets the tone for the effort and reminds me right off the bat that Light The Torch are heavier than any three piece you’ve ever heard.  The harmonies are on point and the feel of the chorus had me banging my head in my seat.  The song is heavy, but the beat is almost holding the tempo back, which shows a ton of restraint and adds an extra element to the song.  I was definitely hooked from the first track. 

“Let Me Fall Apart” was the lead single on the album.  The track starts out with another huge riff and a group vocal that brings you in.   After the initial wall of sound, we drop to Jones’ haunting vocals over a stripped-down background.  The chorus is over-the-top and a lot of fun.  This song really highlights how Jones is one of the best in the business at transitioning from clean to heavy vocals.

“End of the World” is a heavier track that is really catchy.  It has some flashy guitar riffs and could be a big single, as it has some crossover appeal.  “Wilting in the Light” starts out with a low, dirty bass riff that is absolutely everything to me.  The chorus slows down to half-time and really opens up to a big moment on the album.  This song is on the slower side, but it has an almost sneaky upbeat feel that pushes it forward.  “Death of Me” is another track that really highlights the range that Jones has on vocals.  The chorus is my favorite on the album and showcases a group vocal that gives me chills every time.  This song has massive star power and could very well be the (metal) anthem of the summer.

“Living With a Ghost” is easily the heaviest song on the album and really caught me off guard — This song is an explosion.  The bass-heavy pounding from the verse opens into a melodic burst of sound for the chorus that maintains the pace.  The breakdown is unapologetically crushing — definitely the heaviest moment on the album.  “Become the Martyr” is an amazing contrast.  After “Living With a Ghost” dials it up to 11, this track drops us back down.  It’s slow and melodic.  The melodies and background effects are eerie, possessing a haunting effect, and the chorus has one of the most solid melodies on the album.

“Something Deep Inside” starts off with a catchy riff that runs throughout.  It’s upbeat and will be a great song to watch live.  The track has another big chorus that switches up from clean to heavy vocals.  “I Hate Myself” slows down the pace again.  The lead-in has a simple, yet captivating guitar riff that opens up into a clean vocal over a hollow verse.  The chorus is highlighted by some of the best melodies on the record and is without a doubt one of the highlights of the effort.  “Denying the Sin” picks it back up to one of the heavier songs on the record.  The band uses a second of silence prior to the chorus leading to an explosion of sound, and the lead guitar riff is one of the most engaging lines on the whole album.  The chorus has that large, arena sound that will certainly grab the attention of a crowd.

I could tell that “Come Back to the Quicksand” was going to be something special from the first note.  The riff in the intro/verse has a heavy, punk feel.  The chorus is big and bold and has incredible harmonies.  The guitar solo, though short, is an absolute face melter.   “Sign Your Name”, a cover of the 1987 hit from Terence Trent D’Arby, is the closer on the record.  It’s always fun to hear a new take on a throwback and this is no exception.  The band stayed true to the tempo, adding a heavier flare.

You Will Be the Death of Me is a solid album and should absolutely be on your radar, if it already isn’t.  Make sure you check it out when it drops this Friday, June 25 on Nuclear Blast Records.

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