5. Simple Plan

I’ve been a fan of Simple Plan since their No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls release back in 2002. I even walked down the aisle at my wedding to an acoustic version of their song “Boom!.” While I have only seen them a handful of times over the years, I am excited for this tour.

Favorite song to hear live:
“I’m Just A Kid” (Simple Plan)

4. Neck Deep

I have seen Neck Deep a handful of times now and I overall enjoy them live. They have a diverse range in songs that makes for a unique show! It varies from a slower song, “A Part of me,” to a more upbeat song “Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors.”

Favorite song to hear live:
“In Bloom” (Neck Deep)

3. Silverstein

I’ll be honest, I think Silverstein is my favorite band to see live. They have a phenomenal stage presence and I keep coming back for more, even though I’ve seen them 10+ at this point.

Favorite song to hear live:
“Smashed Into Pieces “ (Silverstein)

2. Bayside

Bayside was actually one of the last bands I saw back in 2019 before I moved to Florida and Covid hit. I’m beyond ecstatic to celebrate “21 Years of Really Bad Luck.”

Favorite song to hear live:
“Already Gone” (Bayside)
“Calling All Cars” (Senses Fail)
“Saying Sorry” (Hawthorne Heights)

1. This Wild Life

Even though I am a sucker for Dashboard Confessional and they will be headlining, I’m most excited to see This Wild Life. I’ve followed this band since their lesser-known days, and I’ve enjoyed seeing their growth over the years. They are two extremely down to earth people and their music will pretty much hit every emotion.

Favorite song to hear live:
“Puppy Love” (This Wild Life)
“Vindicated” (Dashboard Confessional)

Honorable Mentions

Jonas Brothers

I would say the Jonas Brothers are my guilty pleasure band. I have loved them since their Disney Channel days (showing my age) and I saw them for the first time back in 2019. I was blown away by their performance and overall stage presence. It was one of the most lively shows I’ve attended and overall, a fun experience.

Favorite song to hear live:
“S.O.S.” (Jonas Brothers)

Angels & Airwaves

I’ll be honest, while I am not the biggest AVA fan I do enjoy certain songs. They’re not the best live, in my opinion, but they do have a very unique stage presence which is why they are on this list.

Favorite song to hear live:
“Paralyzed” (Angels & Airwaves)

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Taylor Wells

Instagram: @mylifeas.taylor

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