Waterparks embrace creative freedom on their inaugural album release with Hopeless Records

If you’ve been anywhere on Twitter recently, I’m sure you know that Waterparks is releasing their third studio album on Friday, October 11. This is their first release on Hopeless Records and honestly, it’s my favorite record of theirs to date, capturing who they are as people much more than their previous efforts.

If you follow frontman Awsten Knight at all, you know he’s insanely creative and Hopeless gave him the artistic freedom he’s been craving. Each song is unique and incredibly different from anything you’ve ever heard from Waterparks before. I have to give them props on their marketing strategy. We didn’t know the full tracklist until a couple of days ago and I didn’t check to see what the song was called before I listened to this record when I got the advance.

Fandom is incredibly creative and unique, each song feeling like you’re in an entirely new Waterparks era, capturing varying emotions and felt in its entirety. A few standout tracks are “Dream Boy,” “I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore”, “I Felt Younger When We Met” and “Worst.” All of these songs are fun and interesting musically, but really the whole album is.

Instrumentally, this album is more alternative than I was expecting, and is executed in the best way possible. Fandom sounds like something you would hear on mainstream radio, but also still edgy enough that you might not. I’ve always thought of Awsten Knight as one of the best lyricists in the scene today and this album is a shining representation. Some of the lyrics make no sense, but they do make sense at the same time.

Geoff and Otto really went above and beyond with the instrumentation on this album, and as someone who has been following the band since 2016, I could not be more proud of everything they’ve accomplished.

Fandom is out this Friday via Hopeless Records and if you don’t listen to the album at least once, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

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