While many bands fade over time, Gideon’s new album provides indisputable evidence they have only gotten better over time

Alabama may not be the first place one looks for quality metalcore, yet that is where it can be found in Tuscaloosa quartet Gideon.  The scene veterans are preparing to release their fifth studio album entitled Out of Control on October 11, 2019 via Equal Vision Records.

While many bands fade over time, Gideon’s latest album provides indisputable evidence they have only gotten better over time.  The album chronicles the band’s move away from a fundamentalist expression of the Christian faith and the backlash they have faced on one hand, yet the liberation they have found on the other.

“Can’t keep living my life like this” sings guest vocalist Drew York of Stray From The Path (who also guests on Can’t Swim’s EP, Foreign Language, also due for release on October 11) on “2 Close.”  This line encapsulates the theme of the album in one breath as Out of Control is twelve tracks chronicling the fear Gideon was confronted with in stepping back from a particular expression of the Christian faith, and yet the freedom from fear they now enjoy as a result of doing so.

Perhaps the band is now free to discover other expressions of the Christian faith that are not based on fear. After spending the summer of 2019 traversing the US alongside Crown the Empire, Gideon is preparing to tour the UK and Europe this December with Stray From The Path and The Devil Wears Prada.

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