Toothgrinder’s new album emphasizes the message of self-discovery and acceptance

Toothgrinder are set to release their third studio album I Am on October 11, 2019 via Spinefarm Records. Following 2017’s Phantom Armour, I Am fits 2019’s theme of evolution. The blend of Justin Matthew’s vocals and the intricate instrumentation emphasizes the message of self-discovery and acceptance.

All songs flow from beginning to end, leaving the listener with a sense of fulfillment. Some have more of a depressing tone, but when juxtaposed with the other tracks it creates the story, and overall message, of personal enlightenment.

“No Tribe” has a strong message of gaining control and how changing can help navigate through this river called life. The instrumentation mimics the lyrics, flowing seamlessly, contrasted by the heavy downbeat and guitar riffs, displaying the strength and changes being made. This song holds a special place in my heart. It’s a tangible mantra of what I am attempting to do in my own life, more specifically this year alone.

Breaking up the album by inserting the softer vocals in “no surrender in The House Of Leaves” helps bring the attention back to the wholeness of the album. By emphasizing the phrase “Fight” with a harsher tone, it draws the attention back to the fight for self-discovery and self-acceptance. This repeated action correlates to how we as individuals have to continuously fight for ourselves.

With its namesake closing out the album, “I Am” defines the effort and ends on a strong note. What could be an inspiration for other, the song promotes strength to give life your all, even after personal demons get in the way.

I Am is for those who want to feel satisfied or for those who want a hard rock album to bang their head to. It caters to so many different aspects of what makes Toothgrinder, the band they are, adding a level of deep messaging that can connect to anyone who loves rock.

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