Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and Have Mercy is certainly proof of that. The Baltimore rock band is back with a self-titled EP that pulls the heart right off the sleeve and puts it to paper. Have Mercy puts themselves out in the open and creates an opportunity to be vulnerable for the sake of growth. It’s safe to say that the band has found a mature version of themselves through rebirth and reinvention.

The EP opens with the positive affirmation that is “I’m Gonna Be Okay.” The song finds itself as a thematic cornerstone to what their musical effort is saying; everything is gonna be okay. The key is establishing a way to grow in a world that spins, regardless of anyone’s circumstances.

“Spit It Out” (SIO) follows in suite with the same spirit and energy that recognizes when the life your living needs change. Sometimes, the best way to achieve that difference is simply calling it what it is and leaving it behind. Next, “I Don’t Wanna Think of You” brings nothing except unrelenting hooks and genuine lyricism to the table. The band’s development during their time away is certainly clear through the song’s perspective of maturity and acceptance of growth.

“Marry Me” fills in the soft spoken, melancholy moment for the collection of songs, while tracks like “Fast Car” & “Strawberry Hill” create unique elements and add deeper texture to the work as a whole. The pinnacle of the EP, however, is the track “I’ll Wait”. The song encapsulates the over-arching theme of getting better through your own power, and trusting the people you surround yourself with.

Have Mercy have created a touching, honest piece of work that flows endlessly with emotion and encourages self-improvement while also being the proof of concept. Have Mercy’s self-titled EP is out August 26, 2022 via Zodhiac Records. Listen and remember: everything’s gonna be okay.

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