Good morning worsties, it’s me Tyra from Heart Attack Man Spinning Thoughts and we are back with another review of your favorite Niche Internet Micro Celebrity’s newest EP, Thoughtz & Prayerz, by Heart Attack Man. The album, out November 5, 2021 via Triple Crown Records, is absolutely stacked with heavy riffs and catchy hooks that last for days, and of course it’s full of signature cutting HAMMY lyrics we’ve all come to know and love.

The album kicks off hard and fast with “Puke,” and you can tell this beanie-wearing and sword-wielding vocalist has been practicing his screams. The high-energy, chaotic opener is lyrically in a similar vein as “Sugar Coated,” from the band’s debut LP Fake Blood, and this track will be a monster of a live performance.

The next two songs are the hot take tracks- something the infamous Heart Attack Man twitter is well-known for. In “Thoughtz & Prayerz,” Heart Attack Man points out the absurdity of hallow-worded complacency and “Cool 2 Me” highlights the glaring hypocrisy found sometimes within the scene’s “woke” community. I like to think this track could even be considered a companion piece or response to recent single “Notes App Apology,” which pokes fun at one of the heaviest issues surrounding the scene lately (you know how your heart sinks a little when you see a notes app screen shot on a band’s twitter feed? Yeah, that one).

Breaking up the big riffs and heavy hooks is the acoustic intro to “Pitch Black,” the first and only single from this EP. When the music video dropped featuring frontman Derrick Eric Egan without a guitar, he blew fans’ minds with his perfect two-step abilities.

The closing track on the album is a heavy-handed song about personal growth with just a dash of aggressive optimism. Our vocalist “lives to spite [his] enemies,” which is just as good a reason as any, I suppose. This pop punk-leaning song is an excellent, high-energy closer to the album that ends the EP on a hopeful note and leaves the listener eager for another listen.

Heart Attack Man continue to grow musically and thrive within their unique space carved out in the music scene. From HAMMY beanies of every color imaginable, to good morning selfies, to calling out toxic behavior in the most sarcastic and witty way, Heart Attack Man continues to push boundaries and simply do what works best for them.

Preorder the EP and don’t miss the new iconic Heart Attack Man EP, Thoughtz & Prayerz, that will have everyone talking this Friday, November 5, 2021.

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Tyra Brunz

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