Combining heavy riffs with harmonizing vocals, Volumes create an album that bolsters an atmosphere like no other. From learning to move on to refusing to let go, Volumes manage to  beautifully capture the emotions people go through when they meet someone, and the different stages and cycles those relationships go through when someone pushes the boundaries or leaves an emotional wound. It just leaves the question with that person gone: are you Happier?

Returning to form after 2019’s Coming Clean EP, Volumes have proven they are not a one trick pony. While masters of heavy head smashing riffs as seen in the first two songs “FBX” and Malevolent, Volumes take their music the next step and create lyrical gems that evoke emotions from listeners in the form of “Bend” and “See You Again.”

Closing out the album is the title track and it perfectly encapsulates everything that the record is about, from soothing clean vocals to heavy breakdowns the track perfectly closes out the effort.

Do yourself a favor and listen to the new album Happier? from Volumes out November 19, 2021 via Fearless Records. Catch the band as they tour the United States this winter! This will definitely make you Happier.

TAGS: Volumes | Fearless Records

Alex Cavezza

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