Scene veterans Hawthorne Heights return with their latest studio album The Rain Just Follows Me, due for release on September 10, 2021 via Pure Noise Records.  The tracks that make up this latest effort are vintage Hawthorne Heights.  While they could fit in on earlier releases from the band, they in no way sound dated.  Rather, these are songs written from a place of experience, struggle and perseverance. 

Hawthorne Heights are the epitome of hard work.  After taking their genre by storm with the release of their debut album, 2004’s The Silence In Black And White, longtime fans are well acquainted with the storms both personal and professional that Hawthorne Heights have weathered to this point in their career.

Reflection on these storms is a theme throughout the record on tracks such as “Constant Dread,” “Seafoam” and the album’s title track, while the musicianship of the record is reminiscent of the band’s early albums in the best ways.  The potential of Hawthorne Heights recognized in the early 2000s has been realized up to and beyond the present day.  This is beautifully illustrated on The Rain Just Follows Me.

“I’m tired of being tired, tired and alone,” sings lead vocalist JT Woodruff on the aptly titled “Tired And Alone.”  While this is indicative of the challenges Hawthorne Heights have endured, the drive and resolve with which they have responded to everything that has come their way over the last two decades is beyond admirable. The Ohio quartet have done so in the most authentic way possible.  Indeed, Woodruff and his bandmates proclaim “We are who we’ve always been” on “Dull Headlights”. 

Hawthorne Heights may no longer be outside of your window with their radio, but they are the embodiment of resilience who continue to be one of the most genuine and real bands that their genre has to offer. 

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