Chicago indie-punk outfit, Sincere Engineer, blends catchy melodic hooks with brutally honest lyricism in sophomore effort, Bless My Psyche, due out September 10, 2021 via Hopeless Records.

As always, Sincere Engineer wields their witty, self-deprecating songwriting style to accentuate the raw emotional honesty behind their lyricism. There is a yin and yang to the meek idealism and hopeless despair woven through Bless My Psyche, giving the album a balanced push-and-pull feeling throughout. Lyrics detailing grand declarations of love make space for the acceleration of optimism only to be completely snapped back to reality to wrestle with bitter truths. Mellow, folk-leaning track, “Recluse in the Making,” lulls listeners in with a sense of morose complacency before “Hurricane of Misery” crashes in with energetic synth and pop punk-flavored percussion to bring some enthusiasm back to the foreground.

Singer/songwriter, Deanna Belos allows listeners to peer into her psyche as she grapples with evolving relationships, resisting complacency, and even allowing for difficult emotional growth, all in an effort to present real, relatable emotions and personal struggles. Bless My Psyche takes an unflinching look at the reality that life sometimes throws our way, and how it is okay to sit with the frustration and futility of life’s ups and downs.  Sincere Engineer wants their listeners to know that you aren’t alone in those negative and often complex feelings, and that sometimes it’s okay to “just finish” the race.

Sincere Engineer are touring in support of Hot Mulligan’s nearly sold out fall headliner, also sharing a stage with revered scene bands Prince Daddy & the Hyena and Super American, so pick up tickets while they’re still available!

Preorder the new album to support the band and don’t forget to give Bless My Psyche a spin on its release day this Friday September 10, 2021.

TAGS: Sincere Engineer | Hopeless Records | Hot Mulligan | Prince Daddy & the Hyena | Super American

Tyra Brunz

Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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