U.K. pop artist Lucy Spraggan is set to release her sixth album, Choices, via Cooking Vinyl on February 26, 2021 and it’s sure to cause a scene. All the tracks shine in their own way; there’s not just one standout song. While writing the album, Spraggan experienced some complex, life-changing decisions and those stories are prevalent throughout. The 13-track effort explores themes of self-discovery and using healthy coping mechanisms when faced with adversity.

The first track, “Flowers,” is a new look for her; it’s sultry with dark and ominous vibes. Coming out of the gate with a song like this really sets the tone for the rest of the album. Her raspy, yet gentle vocals are enticing and really add to the seductive, gritty feel of the track. On the other end of the music spectrum, we have “Sober,” which tells the tale of her journey in getting sober and is such an empowering track. It’s an easy-going listen with light, natural instrumentals and also happens to be my favorite track.

“Run for the Hills” picks the energy back up with the lyricist restarting their life while on a search for self-confidence. This is a solid, upbeat track that’s an immediate mood booster, especially when following a slower tune. “If I Had A God” is not what you’d expect it to be. Inspired by her touring bandmates who are religious, Spraggan sings of wanting someone to believe in and finding true strength within. Her vocals carry this song, and the added harmonies just accentuate the beauty throughout.

The album is an exploration of genres. It seems for Spraggan, each track tells a different story in a new way. She knows exactly what she wants from each piece of this release. “You’ve Let Yourself Down” is no different; the upbeat club vibes hide far too relatable lyrics. With talks of being disrespected by someone close to your life, Spraggan lets the listener know you don’t have to give in to the toxic behavior. “Run” is a track reminiscent of a teen movie. Its upbeat tempo with lyrics about feeling free from all of life’s problems is inspiring and lighthearted. Out of all the songs on this album, this is the anthem piece; this is the song that will have you motivated to do whatever your heart desires.

The second to last track, “Choices (Don’t Be Afraid)” has possibly the most potent instrumentals we’ve heard so far on the effort, and the gentle vocals surrounded by whispering harmonies just adds to the tune. Spraggan covers the feeling of taking chances and just going for it in this song; I feel a lot of us have missed opportunities we’ve been too afraid to take. So this one really goes after that feeling and could be very inspiring. “Why Don’t We Start From Here” is the track this album needed as a closer. It may be more on the acoustic side, but is an all-around solid song. Everyone goes searching for the great escape at some point in their lives, and Spraggan is no different.

It’s clear Spraggan is breaking free from her old life throughout the album, and to allow listeners to go on the journey with her probably isn’t the easiest thing to do. I’ve personally related to one or two tracks and I’m sure that was one of her goals, to know other people are going through the same rough patch.

Make sure to check out Choices by Lucy Spraggan on February 26 via Cooking Vinyl records, and let us know @SpinThoughts what your favorite track is!

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