The latest EP from Arm’s Length clearly indicates that the band is musically mature beyond their years.  Entitled Everything Nice and due for release on February 25, 2021, the effort fully ensures that the band will not remain one of the best kept secrets within their genre for long. 

Although debates around what constitutes “emo” are tiresome, the sound of Arm’s Length is much closer to a definition of emo that would cross Mineral with Teenage Wrist than they are to ones that would define it as pop music with a side of black eyeliner. 

The earnest, heartfelt howls contained within pre-release single “No Sleep” are reminiscent of La Dispute, while “Safer Skin” is somewhat akin to a faster, more upbeat Sunny Day Real Estate offering.  The Belleville Ontario, Canada trio are just as gifted lyrically as they are musically, particularly on closing track “Garamond” which states: I’m withdrawn from the ways that you are / Stuck in a dream state of the art / I went with my gut and I threw it all up.

The crisp production of Anton DeLost contributes to the fact that Everything Nice is an early contender for EP of the year in 2021.  Any label that is wise will investigate working with the band.  Within a year or two, don’t be surprised if Arm’s Length become a household name.

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