Album review: Odds Of An Afterthought – ‘Through Eyes of Change’

This week we dive into a new artist spotlight with Minnesota metalcore band Odds Of An Afterthought.  The four-piece is intensely explosive and their music speaks for itself: aggressive and incendiary during the heaviest moments while having a massive appeal with the crisp, clean vocals and huge chorus lines.  I was very impressed with the release of their new EP Through Eyes of Change on May 14 and I’m excited to share my take on it!

The opening line of “Checkmate!” grabs your attention for sure: “sticks and stones will break my bones….” I am a sucker for the use of nursery rhymes in metal.  Gets me every time.  Before that had a chance to really sink in, we go on a rollercoaster ride through intense stop beats and heavy vocals until we come upon an almost majestic chorus with strong, clean vocals.  This song really sets the tone and shows a solid depth and range.

“Keep Your Head Up Kid” boasts one of the biggest moments on the album with a chorus that opens up and resonates before dropping into one of the heaviest breakdowns on the record.  “Everything Will Be Different Now” starts with one of the best riffs on the albums and explodes into a fury with the verse.  The structure of this song is cool- the double bass and drum only backing to the heavy vocals in the verse sound like chaos but open up into the catchiest chorus on the album that rings out almost poppy until the last time it comes around and gets heavy before ending on a sing-along.

My favorite track on the album is “Show Me A Sign,” and overall it is the heaviest track on the album.  The weighted vocals are crisp and intense, accompanied by riffs that are full of substance, with a deep underlying bass that pushes the track along.  The chorus is not highlighted with clean vocals, a departure from the rest of the album.  The transitions and use of silence really grabs my attention here. “Fight or Flight” brings a fitting end to the five-song EP.  The track is heavy with another large chorus displaying that big crowd feel.

This is an impressive debut for Odds Of An Afterthought and I can’t wait for the follow up and the (hopefully) ensuing tour.  Make sure you check out Through Eyes of Change, available now!

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Jay Matthey

Twitter: @JBoneBass

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