Album review: Cosmo Gold – ‘Waiting on the City’

Cosmo Gold’s Waiting on the City glows with retro reverence. A rock EP with gusto and ingenuity, Waiting on the City is melodically delightful; the vocal talents of Emily Gold shine like a star on the rise. The perfect addition to any of the summer festival circuits, Cosmo Gold is bright, yet deep, heavy and delicate all in one six-track EP.

Waiting on the City is a rock and roll album that blends elements from multiple decades and a few genres into a cohesive and delightful EP. Listeners can get mixed up with synch elements in “Drown the Fly” and “Carnivore Pt. II_III” or enjoy the 70’s style airiness of “Dark Matter” with lyrics “To the naked eye, everything is going fine, if your fire is going blue, if they get the best of you, I’ll be around.”

Waiting on the City is the debut EP from Cosmo Gold, comprised of Emily Gold on vocals and guitar, Peter Maffei on vocals and guitar, Stephen Burn on vocals and bass and Mike Deluccia on drums and is available everywhere June 7th, 2019.

TAGS: Cosmo Gold

Jessi McKee

Twitter: @jmckeephotos

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