Right On, Kid – ‘When Words Are Enough’

As a self-proclaimed pop punk junkie, I was incredibly psyched to review the new album from Right on, Kid. Originating from Albuquerque, New Mexico, this pop punk quintet has quickly gained popularity across the United States. They have released two EP’s, both were very well-received. I had the pleasure of reviewing their third and highly anticipated EP, When Words are Enough, due for release April 19, 2019 via Manic Kat Records.

When I first saw the advance come across, I noticed it said, for fans of: The Wonder Years, Belmont, and Real Friends. I love the emotion and realness of those bands so I knew right away I would enjoy this EP.

The first single off the album is “Tracer,” featuring a guest vocal spot by Ryan Rumchaks.  It starts out with a slow build and then about 20 seconds in you’re hit with that familiar and wonderful pop punk sound – angsty, relatable and emotional.  I instantly loved the song and it really hyped me up for the rest of the album.


The second song, “Word Weight,” is a solid pop punk anthem. The subtle piano in the background, mixed with the raw vocals and catchy guitar riffs, creates an infectious melody that will warrant you to listen over and over again. I think this song was my favorite off the entire EP.

The other song I really enjoyed was “Drawn Life.” It’s a woeful and beautiful acoustic song that fits perfectly with the catchy and angsty vibe the rest of the EP gives off.  The vocals are what stand out the most. They are passionate, real and as the kids would say, “hit you in the feels.”

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this album. If you are a fan of damn good catchy pop punk, I encourage you to check out When Words Are Enough. If you weren’t a pop punk junkie before, you certainly will be after you listen to this EP.

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