The Vamps – ‘Missing You’

When I think about British pop/rock bands, the one that comes to mind first is The Vamps. They’re a band that I’ve grown to count on for catchy choruses and emotional lyrics that are relatable for both older and younger generations of fans. Their new EP Missing You drops Friday April 19, 2019 via Island Records, and shows a great deal of maturity, all while maintaining the fun, poppy tone of previous releases.

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The EP begins with the title track “Missing You,” an honest song that dives into the experience of losing someone you love. Bradley Will Simpson sings “I look for love but there’s a space in my mind / I keep on missing you” with a heartbreaking vibrato that makes the opening song even more raw and confessional. I’m a big fan of harmonies and backup vocals in any context, and especially love the combination of these tracks floating in between the continuous piano, drums and orchestral strings. It is melancholy but you feel empathy instead of sympathy, which is a much more powerful emotional connection.

“Right Now” is the second track off the EP, as well as the first single. In collaboration with Krept & Konan, this feels like a song you’d want to listen to on a road trip to the beach. The rap bits don’t overshadow the rest of the vocals and production, but rather, add a unique layer to the band’s indie-pop sound. This could be the song of the summer.

“Waves” may be my favorite song because of how fresh it sounds. It’s about letting someone down and the regret that comes along with it. The guitar lead shines, in both the refrain and the verses, pairing nicely with Simpson’s vocals and the rest of the mix. The song reminds me of newer Smallpools tracks and their strong, minimalist production chops. As a musician myself, I know how easy it is to muddy up pop tracks with crazy effects, synthesizers and digital drums. The Vamps’ passion for music shows and they utilize their resources wisely to make the biggest impact.

The EP ends with a special acoustic version of “All the Lies,” their recent release with Alok and Felix Jaehn. This acoustic track is not boring nor one-dimensional, closing the project on a happy note.

Missing You is a collection of songs that will get you ready for summer in the best way. Download it everywhere Friday April 19 and listen to The Vamps’ musical and personal growth.

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