New Music Friday: March 15, 2019

Need something new, colorful and exciting to celebrate making it through another week? Friday’s are for weekend plans, slacking off at work and brand new music from our favorite bands.


Howlin’ Circus – “Your Light Keeps On”

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 10.27.10 AM

Recommended by Elliott Spagat

Never Better – “Shame on Me for Kissing You with My Eyes Closed so Tight”


Recommended by Angelo Gargaro

Dead Bars – “I’m a Regular”


Recommended by Jessi McKee

AJR – “Birthday Party” and “100 Bad Days”


Recommended by Dani Bookheimer

Seaway – “Pleasures”


Recommended by Meredith Tracey and Taylor Wells


Pyrite Sidewalkror’shak’


Recommended by Angelo Gargaro

Inclination – When Fear Turns to Confidence


Recommended by Jessi McKee

Cabana Wear – Cabana Wear


Recommended by Kendra McWilliams

Check out Kendra’s review of Cabana Wear, here.

Huntly – Low Grade Buzz


Recommended by Jessi McKee

Never LovedNever Loved


Recommended by Angelo Gargaro

What are your thoughts on the new music that dropped this week? Did we miss anything from your favorite band/artist? Let us know in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

TAGS: Howlin’ Circus | Never Better | Dead Bars | AJRSeaway | Pyrite Sidewalk | Inclination | Cabana Wear | Huntly | Never Loved

Angelo Gargaro

Twitter: @SpinThoughts

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