Photo Spotlight: Positive Punk with Wes Hoffman

Positive Punk seems like a fairly self-explanatory effort but words don’t quite do justice to the wonderful music, people and message the St. Louis trio brings to the world. With expressions of getting up after the world knocks you down and following your dreams, Positive Punk has fun and catchy songs equally enjoyable when the band is performing live and you can see the wide smiles of joy on their faces. Wes Hoffman, Jacob Boyd and Justin Unterseh make up the threesome.

Wes Hoffman may sound familiar: podcaster, guitar player, motivational speaker, all around talented and kind human. Wes and I met in a smoothie bar at an underground Bogues show in the summer of 2017 when he was working on The Strangehouse podcasts, a very cool series with lots of our favorite pop punk and emo bands as guests. Since then his new series, Wes Hoffman With Friends, graces the podcast apps where he has positive discussions about motivation, inspiration, business and positivity with musicians, business people and more. I snapped some photos of the band at Fubar in St. Louis on February 4th. Check out the gallery below!

Copy of Pos Punk-6Copy of Pos Punk-9Copy of Pos Punk-15Copy of Pos Punk-16Copy of Pos Punk-17Copy of Pos Punk-18Copy of Pos Punk-19Copy of Pos Punk-31

*All photos credited to Jessi McKee

TAGS: Positive Punk | Wes Hoffman With Friends

Jessi McKee

Twitter: @jmckeephotos

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