Album Review: With Confidence – ‘Love and Loathing’


With Confidence has come back with a new album that is bigger and better than anything we’ve ever seen from them before. Love and Loathing is an album full of raw emotion depicting everything that the members of With Confidence have been through over the past couple of years.

The album, releasing August 10 via Hopeless Records, is drawing a lot of attention and couldn’t drop at a more perfect time, seeing as the band just finished out a run on the final cross-country Vans Warped Tour. “That Something” and “Jaded” are just the tip of the iceberg with Love and Loathing.

Love and Loathing is truly a pop-punk album. There are elements of every song that are going to be stuck in your head for weeks. This album is raw, emotional and struck a chord with me that hasn’t been touched by an album in a while.

The standout tracks for me are “Dopamine”, “Paquerette (Without Me),” and “Icarus.” This album is by far one of my favorites of this year and I can’t wait for everyone else to hear it. Until then, I think “Love and Loathing’s” all I’ve got.

TAGS: With Confidence | Hopeless Records

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