As It Is – ‘The Great Depression’


Our favorite British boys in As It Is are back with a brand new record titled The Great Depression. I don’t know about you, but it’s the album my emo heart has been waiting for.

I always knew The Great Depression was going to be impactful, but I didn’t know to what extent. Every song touches on a new emotion and it’s clear this album is meant to make you feel something.

It was quite difficult to point to a song that impacted me most because, just being honest, most of them made me cry. There are angry tracks, just as there are hopeful ones, in addition to some really freaking sad songs. However, the tracks that stood out most to me were “The Handwritten Letter” and “The Question, The Answer”.

The Great Depression is full of songs that actually make you think, and to me that’s a beautiful thing. This album is not something you listen to passively — it forces you to face things you don’t really want to.

The Great Depression means a lot to me already. As It Is has outdone themselves and I am excited for the world to have this collection of music. This album is going to keep important conversations going and possibly start a few new necessary ones.

Give The Great Depression a listen when it comes out on Friday, August 10 via Fearless Records. I promise it’s worth it.

TAGS: As It Is | Fearless Records

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