Album Review: The Fever 333 – ‘Made An America’


New music discovery is one of the most rewarding things about being part of the Spinning Thoughts family.  I have always loved music and I have always had a passion for metal, hard rock, and punk.  Metal Thoughts, and the new music I have experienced because of it, has opened my mind to a lot of things I never would have given a chance to before.  The newfound appreciation I have had for diversity in my taste has really opened up a lot of music I may never have given a chance to previously.

This year, I was turned on to a band called the Fever 333.  The Fever 333 is a unique group.  Rap metal has been an established genre for years, and though a lot of people have classified the Fever 333 as rap metal, I don’t think that paints a fair picture.  The Fever 333 is unique.  They are a rap group.  And they are a hard rock/metal band.  And they do it at the same time.  If I had to compare the group to anyone, it would be Rage Against the Machine.  They have that same aggression and the same intensity of music behind them.  But it’s more rap than Zack de la Rocha did on his best day.  And the music, while still heavy, has a lot more modern rap elements to it.

Made An America is the debut EP from the Fever 333, released via Roadrunner Records.  It is like nothing I have ever heard before.  To begin with, it is a 7 song EP, which is aggressive for a debut EP these days.  The EP highlights low, drawn out bass tones with distortion, commonly found in rap music.  A lot of the songs have heavy chorus with distorted vocals, but true rapping during the verses.  The rapping style is unique though. 

There are songs like “We’re Coming In” that are just straight rap over a heavy beat and a metal reverb. To take that a step further “(The First Stone) Changes” actually features a verse from rapper Yelawolf.  But the band showcases a unique rap style on the album.  Songs like “Hunting Season” and “Walking in My Shoes” are heavier band performances that have rapping in the verses.  But the rapping is not just spoken word, it is done in the same style as distorted, screaming vocals that are commonly found in the hard rock/metal genres.  

The band isn’t rap metal.  They aren’t (just) rap.  And they aren’t (just) metal.  They are both.  And they do them both very well, simultaneously.  Keep an open mind and check out Made An America from the Fever 333!

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