Indie-Pop band BASIE drops new single, “IDC”



Happy February! To start out the month I’m going to fill you in on the band, BASIE. Their new single “IDC” dropped today and it’s a fun one!

“IDC” is very upbeat and makes you want to roll your windows down and jam (even though it’s freezing out). I talked to BASIE to get a feel on their 2018 goals and some influences on their single.

ST: How did BASIE come together?
B: We all have been great friends for years. We’ve played together in multiple groups over those years, so I guess it was destined to start writing together.

ST: What bands and/or artists influenced the music in this single?
B: We’re super influenced by Talking Heads, The Blue Nile and Sports.

ST: What do you hope to accomplish with this release in 2018?
We really hope to find our sound with this single. We’re influenced by a lot of pop culture, and really want to share something with people. Hopefully they will get something out of our music, and make an experience.

ST: Were there any people outside the band that were crucial to the creation of this single?
B: All of our friends, family and fellow musicians helped tremendously through support. Alongside them Chase Lawrence (COIN) helped with production, Dan Mufson (Scavenger Hunt) produced/mixed and Joe Laporta (Sterling Sound) mastered “IDC”. All artwork for “IDC” was produced by Ross Theisen.

ST: Lastly, do you have any touring plans for 2018 or even a few shows?
As of now we have a few shows booked, one for The Ronald McDonald House fundraiser in Huntington WV at the V Club on March 3. The other show we will be supporting our friends in A Story Told also at the V Club on March 24. We’re also working with a few people on doing a support tour this summer in mid June/July.

Connect with BASIE:
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