Album Review: Senses Fail — If There is Light, It Will Find You

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After 16+ years, Senses Fail is still amazing.  Their seventh studio album, If There Is Light, It Will Find You, due for release on February 16th, 2018 via Pure Noise Records serves as definitive proof.

Despite numerous member changes over the years, Senses Fail show no signs of slowing down.  Lead single “Double Cross” would easily have fit on the band’s debut full-length (2004’s Let It Enfold You) and yet in no way feels nostalgic.

If anything, “Double Cross” and the other 11 tracks that make up If There Is Light, It Will Find You are full of fresh energy.  “I keep getting older but my heart stays the same age” croons Nielsen on ‘Stay What You Are’ which pays homage to the seminal release from fellow scene vets Saves the Day that has influenced Senses Fail and many others within the genre.

Indeed, lead singer Buddy Nielsen has been there through post-hardcore’s emergence into the mainstream and has remained consistent and real in his creative process, tackling heavy topics head-on.  “Is It Gonna Be The Year” reflects on the life Nielsen and his bandmates have chosen, wondering when the time is right to conclude life on the road.  Hopefully it isn’t soon, for If There Is Light, It Will Find You shows that Senses Fail’s gas tank is far from empty, and like a fine wine, they get better with age.

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