New Single Review: “Deadlock” by Wave Break


As a woman in the music scene, I love discovering up-and-coming female-fronted bands, and Wave Break is one you should get to know. The Boston-based four-piece just released their new single, “Deadlock,” a song noted to be about the polarization of the two major political parties, and it does not disappoint. The opening guitar riff automatically draws the listener in, and is reminiscent of bands like Tonight Alive and Paramore (the Riot! era, of course).

Lead vocalist Kelly Barber sings about the national disillusionment of politics, and remains strong and consistent in both her message and vocal delivery throughout the entire song. Her voice has a lot of power, and I’m curious to hear her tackle the upper octaves of her range in future releases. The rest of the band packs a powerful punch instrumentally, keeping the themes alive. “Deadlock” is extremely relevant in these times, and Wave Break is sure to triumph. Check out the single now!

Learn more about Wave Break here, and if you’re an up-and-coming band with new content ready to be reviewed/featured on Spinning Thoughts, email me at!

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