Heavy Hearts — On A Chain

‘On A Chain’ from Heavy Hearts

After 2016’s full-length effort entitled Bliss began generating some buzz, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada natives Heavy Hearts return with the On a Chain EP, due for release on October 27th, 2017.  While Bliss was an indication that Heavy Hearts’ were blue-chip prospects to pay attention to, Chain confirms that they have grown musically and made a huge leap forward in the short sixteen months between releases.

These six tracks soaked in palpable emotion are highlighted by the atmospheric “Headroom” which closes out the effort.  “Macramé” showcases the versatility that allows Heavy Hearts the unique ability to fit in very well across a range of genres.  It is just as likely to see them support a pop-punk band as it is for them to be a part of a straight-ahead rock bill. The positive direction that Chain embodies for Heavy Hearts comes at the perfect time as their reach is expanding beyond Canadian borders.  After a successful foray into the US touring market alongside Fossil Youth this past summer, Heavy Hearts recently announced their signing to the UK based label Failure By Design Records.

On a Chain confirms for the international community what Canadians have known for some time.  No longer are they prospects, but Heavy Hearts are evolving into seasoned veterans.

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