Lilac Lungs — Eventide

LL 2

Written by: Vanessa


Hey! My name is Vanessa, I’m 18 years old, and I live right in the heart of Germany. Obviously I’m a big fan of music ever since I was a litte kid and heard stuff like Rihanna and noticed how much music can make your heart speed up or help you get over difficult situations/deal with a lot of emotions.

I first listened to Lilac Lungs on the date they released “Next to Nothing” (the first single off their debut album Eventide). One of the Street Team members, who was my friend back then, talked me into how sweet they are and that they make amazing music — so I was like, alright, imma check them out. From the first song I heard I was hooked on them and became a Street Team member myself. I love how great they interact with us and all the other fans they have and I love how different their music is.

It’s very catchy and something you want to dance around to but the lyrics are actually very meaningful, personal, and relatable for me. There is this kind of mixture you have in their music: it cheers you up when you hear it but it also touches your heart in a special kind of way. Eventide especially is a perfect example for deep meaningful lyrics but also awesome beats. Starting off with “Welcome to the Fallout”, the album takes the listener through an emotional adventure/story. It kinda feels like at the start you still don’t know what to do — you feel scared, lonely, and overhelmed.

Throughout the album you’ll gain confidence until you come to an end with “Young Warrior” where you are able to fight the evil feelings and evil thoughts in your brain. It’s emotional and perfect to rock out to. You’ll feel your heartbeat starting to go along with the music. I can’t really say anything bad about this album — it’s just flawless for me and I hope it’ll get the recognition it deserves!

LL 3
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