From trauma and tragedy grief can manifest itself, and when left untreated can lead to a vicious cycle of suffering. As difficult as it may be, we still possess the power to break the cycle and start anew. Fit For A King ponders the pain of these cycles and the possibility to end them on their seventh full-length offering, The Hell We Create.

Hailing from Texas, Fit For A King have managed to create an atmosphere on The Hell We Create that draws listeners in from the first note. While evolving and drawing on dark topics, the band manages to keep their sharp and searing metalcore style while still weaving in chaotically catchy choruses to deliver a complete listening experience.

The album starts off with the title track slowly building, allowing listeners to get ready for something big to come, and that’s when vocalist Ryan Kirby delivers. “This is the Hell we create!” Bring on the patented Fit For A King style and send the album on its way for high octane fun. The high energy does not stop as “End (The Other Side)” kicks the door down providing rapid fire riffs and squeals all to blend into a clean refrain delivering a sharp message of someone  struggling with letting go and potential loss.

One of the biggest surprises on the record is a feature from The Ghost Inside’s vocalist Jonathan Vigil on “Times Like This.” The two combine their styles to create a track that keeps the tempo high and delivers a strong message about how in hard times it’s important to stand strong and not let the evil win tear you apart. The album slows down towards the end to deliver the deepest cuts in “Reaching Out” and “What You Left Behind.” Both songs discuss the topic of abandonment and what it can do to someone as they deal with the pain of being left behind.

Fit For A King set out on a mission to deliver a message with this record, one that reminds listeners it’s important to fight for yourself, but to remember you’re also fighting for others. The band is currently on tour with I Prevail and will be until mid-December. Check out The Hell We Create on Solid State Records October 28th. 

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Alex Cavezza

Twitter: @a_ztranger

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