Keep Flying’s new EP Revival drops Friday August 12, 2022 — A renaissance of their previous material with five reworked releases and a new song “Clarity.” Keep Flying is breaking the barriers of genres, blasting out of a punk/ska box and saying “can we do that better?,” retelling some of their best songs with masterful artistry. 

“Firesale” opens the collection of Revival, evolving from the former peppy ska tune to a melodic, delicate version of the 2020 track. Next up, “Candy Cane Forest 2” retains a lot of the same vibe, but is noticeably heavier on the guitar work with renovated vocals, and is that a banjo? Yes, I had to pull up the music video to confirm I wasn’t manifesting it, but that is for sure a banjo and bonus: there is also a fiddle. The brass intro on “Fashion Statement” gives a heavy 80s feel, then surprisingly features rap verses that transform the once pop punk track into an innovative new sound for the band. 

The original track “Clarity” distinguishes itself among the collections of the reimagined album as the new original song, in more ways than one. I couldn’t pigeon hole this song into a genre, but I can tell you I definitely enjoyed it. The use of synth accents, exceptional vocals and mixing of “Clarity” are all phenomenal. “They Never Lie Down” strips down the double pedal and heavy percussion, pacing itself more as an indie rock interpretation as opposed to the heavy punk original. The more stripped down version really allows the vocals to shine, and spotlight the brass section. 

The final track of the effort, “Live Together, Die Alone.” is instrumentally light and bright in contrast to the original ska/punk OG version. Until about the second chorus you just bop along, enjoying the upbeat aesthetic and then brass instrumental sections fade out to the somber lyrics, “Just to stay alive/I had to give myself away/we had a funeral and a birth on the same day,” bringing the reality of the depth of the song crashing upon the listener with grace and vulnerability that the original had as well, but this version does hit with a more earnest delivery. 

Do not sleep on Revival. The EP is wonderful, unique and imaginative. Keep Flying as a band has an insane energy that I have been fortunate enough to witness live and was one of my favorite and most memorable performances I have ever seen. The tour kicks off Thursday August 11, 2022 in Upton, MA. and wraps up in Columbus, OH. on September 18. I will very hopefully be catching them at The Pageant in St. Louis September 17. 

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Jessi McKee

Twitter: @jmckeephotos

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