For some time, it seemed the age of pop punk EP “splits” was dead and gone. Northeastern up-and-comers What Makes Sense and Sunday Morning are bringing life back to the dearly missed display of camaraderie.

On July 29, 2022 the sonically dynamic pair are collaboratively releasing a split called Adjacent that features two new songs each. From the hefty, unstoppable easy-core rush delivered by What Makes Sense, to the alt. rock “balancing on the razor’s edge” act from Sunday Morning, this EP checks all the boxes to appease pop punk fans.

Sunday Morning makes the first move on this release with “Inadvertent” by gently leading us into a battle between delicate tact and coarse repercussions. The group flaunts an impressive vocal style similar to that of Like Pacific and a darker tone that amplifies the bitterness found at the core of the song.

Next, we get a full dose of What Makes Sense with back to back tracks, “Lessons” and “Spit.” “Lessons” is an immediate easy-core powerhouse that barrels its way through self reflection to find out that sometimes the answer is swallowing the large pill of accepting you were wrong. The other side of that coin is a song that captures all the best elements of 2010s pop punk. “Spit” is an introverted high speed chase to catch yourself before fading away. Both of these tracks are proof that the band has worked hard on dialing in their unique sound.

Finally, the EP rounds out with the elevated, fervent Sunday Morning hit “Supernaut.” Continuing with their darkness-infused style of pop punk, the song explores the visceral feeling of becoming your own personal inhibition. It’s clear to see that both bands saw this as an opportunity to put their best foot forward and debut their hardest hitting tunes yet.

Adjacent will be released independently on Friday, July 29th and available on all streaming services.

TAGS: What Makes Sense | Sunday Morning

Cody Ritchie

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