Fairweather make listeners aware that we are in a post-trauma world that needs attention with ‘Deluge’

After a career spanning over 20 years, Fairweather is ready to bring us a new era of their sound with Deluge. These long time Equal Vision Records natives are releasing their first EP since their self-titled record in 2014. The EP holds nothing back and provides four tracks full of colossal instrumentals paired with nihilistic, existential lyricism that forms a common question about what “we” do in the aftermath of crisis. What can be expected of us, are there any safe corners, and what control do we really have?

The first song released, “Untethered” sets up the rest of the EP perfectly with a monstrous, almost evil soundscape that vocalist Jay Littleton’s carves through smoothly. Also worth mentioning is the fact this song, along with the rest, are much longer than a typical Fairweather release. This song clocks in just under six and a half minutes, while the last record opened with a minute of punk beats turned up to eleven. Next, “No Safe Corners” opens with a bass riff that instantly mesmerizes the listener and makes the head bob back and forth. This song demands to be heard from an arena with the masses screaming the melodic chorus back as loud as they can.

“Pass of Redress” pulls all of the grunge, slime and sludge out of the guitar and into a wailing intro for a song about the things that are made to break, and ignored while they wither away. The EP finds itself at an epic conclusion with “Control,” a song that trudges along in the relentless effort from Fairweather. This collection of songs offers more and more with each listen and is a must add for your end of the world playlists.

Deluge makes the listener aware that we are in a post trauma world that needs attention. The real question — is there anything we can really do about it? Fairweather will release Deluge on June 24, 2022 via Equal Vision Records.  

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