The fierce power chords, heart-thumping bass and adrenaline-pounding drums set a perfect introduction to Fever Dream, the sophomore album from California-based garage punk band, Grumpster.

They couldn’t have picked a better namesake for the record to fully capture the overall mood and tone. I love the raw energy the album gives off; it hits a specific spot in my brain that overflows with happiness and excitement. I just want to bounce around and scream these catchy choruses at the top of my lungs on a warm summer evening with a pink cloud sunset in the distance — a perfect setting in my mind. 

I love the overall atmosphere the album gives off. With introspective lyrics from dead-end relationships and self-reflections (and sprinkles of self-loathing), there are plenty of songs for each garage punk lover to relate to. There is one theme each song has in common: they show resiliency from these experiences.

The band has released a handful of singles ahead of the album: “Fever Dream,” “Looking Good” (my favorite track), “Crash” and “Better Than Dead.” I love how these songs truly show the range Grumpster have to offer the punk scene as a whole. Many of these tracks flow perfectly into each other while listening though, making the experience even better. 

Give Fever Dream a listen when the album releases on June 17 via Pure Noise Records. I’m certain it will hit that good spot in your brain just like it did for me. You can catch Grumpster supporting Like Pacific on the “Control My Sanity” tour kicking off on June 24. I’m hoping to see them live to experience those summer haze vibes in real time! 

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TAGS: Grumpster | Pure Noise Records

Ally DeMotte

Twitter: @ally__fey

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