New Orleans band Hey Thanks! are set to release their debut full-length LP, Start/Living, due out May 27, 2022 via Iodine Recordings.

Hey Thanks! deliver the “Pop” as they present their take on pop punk and they don’t plan on looking back. Their diverse pop rock sounds are for listeners with a wide musical pallet, and fans of Grayscale and Bearings are sure to find something they enjoy within Start/Living.  The album weaves pop punk-leaning tracks through pop rock and indie tracks with electronica sprinkled here and there throughout.

Dead center of this musically diverse album is “I’m Sure It’s On The Way,” which contains some really cool genre-blending elements, including a grooving bass line and upbeat pop hooks that really showcase the unique sound Hey Thanks! have cultivated with this release. Punk-leaning tracks “Fun Charade” and “If I Cut This Out” counter the radio-friendly pop rock sounds of “From Me To You” and “The Part I Call Myself” to balance the musical range of Start/Living.

Overall, Hey Thanks! uses their debut LP to continue to experiment and push genre boundaries while honing in on their unique pop rock sound. Be sure to give it a spin this Friday, May 27 and let us know your favorite song from this promising young band pioneering their sound into the mainstream scene.

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Tyra Brunz

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