Victoria Park’s solo project, Pictoria Vark, dives deep into introspection and explores the challenges of change and in her debut LP, The Parts I Dread, out everywhere on April 8, 2022 via Get Better Recs.  

Pictoria Vark is a bass-fronted mellow indie sound featuring thoughtful lyricism that often tugs at the nostalgic heartstrings. Tracks included on The Parts I Dread range from a simple bass + synth combo in “Twin,” to a full band experience in “I Can’t Bike,” and “Bloodline II” (which also so happens to contain my favorite guitar work on the album).

The emotional range of this LP can be highlighted with the songs “Out,” which grapples with heavy emotional issues and mental health and “Twin,” in which Park writes of growth and uncomfortable changes. The consistent vocal style pulls together these eight tracks and forms the cohesively moody atmosphere throughout the album.

If you are in need of your next darling-indie obsession, look no further than The Parts I Dread. Pictoria Vark writes the perfect soundtrack to the next coming-of-age indie film and scratches that gloomy indie rock itch you might not even know you had.

Get your copy here on Bandcamp and don’t forget to stream The Parts I Dread by Pictoria Vark, available everywhere April 8, 2022 via Get Better Recs.

Pre-save the album, pre-order vinyl + more!

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