Known for their quick-paced and highly animated sound, Devon Kay & The Solutions released their beautifully busy and well-articulated album, Grieving Expectations, Friday, April 1, 2022 via Pure Noise Records.

In traditional Devon Kay & The Solutions style, Grieving Expectations features often bleak, introspective lyrics draped neatly over bright composition and high-energy hooks. Tackling death, dying and depression in a number of songs, we see Devon Kay’s self-deprecating and often antagonizing sense of humor in “Liver,” “No One Is Thinking About You (Or Anyone Else for That Matter),” and “3 Year Defeat.” Despite lyrics as raw as, “what’s the point in taking up space, when you’re no good anymore,” the song “Liver.” is one of the most high-energy and seemingly bright tracks on the album. Following right after is “No One is Thinking About You (Or Anyone Else For That Matter)” that continues the bright and cheery tone, ripe with the lyrics, “I know the world doesn’t care about me or anyone else at all,” delivering that nice 1-2 gut punch but, you know, like…in a fun way?

Despite the cynicism (and honestly, who can blame them), the band presents us with a couple of despairingly adorable love songs with “The Space In-Between” and “A Little Bit.” Because really, what is love? baby don’t hurt me Devon Kay & The Solutions answer, saying love is feeling that they’d “rather be older with you.” And on that note there is nary a dry eye in the house; The Solutions have neatly wrapped up the (delightfully) lyrically gloomy album with a hint of a hopeful sunrise that is peeping just over the horizon, promising to drag along in its wake a warm summer sun. *que applause and dramatic curtain drop*

Throughout Grieving Expectations, you can hear Devon Kay & The Solutions including inspiration from a number of genres, which is probably my favorite thing about this band. In any given song you can pick out some examples of jazzy bass lines, elements of ska, techno-based keys, punk influences, maybe even some metal-inspired riffs in a song or two (“S.A.F.E.T.Y.,” I’m looking at you). With all these elements combined, you’ve got the Devon Kay & The Solutions brand of power pop, coming together to provide the listener with 30 minutes of ear worms and hooks to get us movin’ and groovin’. So, make sure you don’t let this release get by you without a solid listen. Grieving Expectations by Devon Jay & The Solutions is out everywhere now via Pure Noise Records.

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Tyra Brunz

Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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