If an album was perfectly created to reflect on oneself while laying under a starry sky with the moonlight shining down illuminating the surrounding areas, Lunar Reflection, the highly-anticipated sophomore effort by Glacier Veins, is that album. 

The cover art makes me think of drifting through the cosmos with its beautiful mix of purple and green auroras, with the moon being the light I am trying to reach. The journey at the beginning of the album being us drifting through the cosmos, reflecting on ourselves, our relationships with the people around us and where we are at in our journey on this world. Each song carrying into the other until we reach the end, the moon which has many symbolic meanings. For me, I see the moon as a symbol of growth and change. I’ve always had a deep attachment to the moon for quite a long time, so I can connect Lunar Reflection to wanting to reach that light of accepting who I am. Wherever you see the meaning of the moon with its multiple interpretations, you can connect it to this album, without a doubt. Each song on this album showed me a different step in self-reflection and growing along in this process.

“Autonomy” talks about learning to understand and love oneself more each day. After only recently learning to love myself, I’ve noticed how it can be very crucial to building both relationships with other people and yourself. It’s important to understand yourself so you can create those healthy relationships within and out to the people you surround yourself with. I can see “Digging Myself Out” being the follow-up to “Autonomy” and acting on those lyrics. When you realize you’re in a place you don’t want to be in, sometimes you need that push to do so. In my vision with the album art, this is the beginning of that journey to reach our own moon.

The dreamy guitar riffs and calming beat of “Flower Moon” keeps the flow of this journey through the cosmos and auroras. Flower moons have been known to symbolize growth and expression in people along with flower blooming season. Our reflection and understanding of ourselves slowly starting to bloom and show. “Cover Me” is where I see the vocalist express and validate their emotions. “Can you feel me reaching out,” and “Can you hear me screaming out,” struck me deeply. We deserve to have our feelings heard, felt and validated as individuals, in the appropriate channels of course. 

“Where Does It Go” expresses the want for healthy relationships and boundaries with people and the world we live in. As the dreamy guitar and heavy drums fade to a close, we are led into the latest released single, “Embers,” for a calming moment within the album. Typically, embers are what’s left at the end of a fire; however, the vocalist turns a new perspective and having us look at embers to see their potential greater purpose. Maybe instead of burning out, we could spark a new creative flame burning within. A small bump in our journey to our moon perhaps. We then continue to “Here and There,” picking up the pace in our journey. We are searching for our blue sky to help us push through this block in our path with driving guitar riffs and tight drum beats. 

“Nurture” describes how our self-reflections can help thicken our skin as we take in everything we can. We want to continue to grow and understand ourselves as we continue forward. Towards the end of “Nurture,” we find our groove with the rhythm of the music to continue moving forward. As we begin approaching our moon, we have understood our self-reflections on this path and accept what light the moon offers us as individuals. We are beginning to know who we are and what we want in our life, growing from the beginning track “Autonomy” and turning that into reality, as the album moves into “Lenses,” where we reflect on the entire journey to our moon. All of the ups and downs begin to make sense. Although the shadow of our past self still follows, we embrace those times and use them to keep pushing forward. The guitar riffs and the drums in this track makes me feel warm, as if I am surrounded by the light of the moon that we are fast approaching. 

Stopping in front of the moon is where “Spiral Through” takes us. The acoustic guitar envelops us as this feeling of accepting the growth we’ve had on the journey to our moon has seemingly come to an end. “Lunation” aids in expressing how good it feels to have followed through on this journey. We’ve made it to the light we were searching for. If there’s one thing we know about space, there’re many moons we could still find in ourselves. 

Although this journey has concluded with Glacier Veins, that doesn’t mean it has to end. We all have problems we may want to overcome; we can use this journey to help guide us to those solutions. As the lyrics in “Lunation” state, “Doesn’t it feel good” to grow from that self-reflective journey?

You can catch Glacier Veins on their upcoming tour supporting the release of Lunar Reflection starting in Salt Lake City on March 14th. Pre-save/pre-order the new album + more, out everywhere March 11 via Equal Vision Records.

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Ally DeMotte

Twitter: @ally__fey

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